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Monday, April 26, 2021
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7 advantages of selling your property exclusively with a real estate agency

Many of the sellers come to Safire Real Estate with doubts about the advantages of giving your home exclusively in a real estate. It is very normal to have this feeling of not knowing what to do in this situation. 

For that reason, today we are going to tell you 7 advantages of giving your property exclusively.

You are ready? We started!

1. Trust. When we deal with only one real estate agency, a much greater trust is established than if we have our home in different agencies.

2. Dedication. The realtor can dedicate all their efforts to sell your property since they know that only they have the authorization. When several companies sell the same property, many times, they do not pay the necessary attention since it is not motivating to sell a property that others are also selling at the same time.

3. Customer service. By having close contact with the homeowner, you can give them the attention they deserve. All visits are communicated, details of potential buyers ... Personalized attention for an exclusive farm!

4. Featured website. In most cases, the highlights on the website are where the exclusive properties are located. Those that we want to highlight from the others since they have a different value.

5. Appearance in portals. Experts in digital marketing warn us of the problem that your property is supposed to be on the real estate portals repeatedly. Users want to see different properties, if a property is repeated more than twice they already discard it completely.

6. Social networks. All real estate companies exclusively upload their properties to their networks to ensure that no one else can benefit from their work. If you do not give your property to a single agency, surely they will never publish it on their networks.

7. Common selling interest. It is important to know that if the real estate agency has an exclusive house where the value of the fees is for its benefit, it will have much more interest in selling the property than if, on the contrary, others can keep part of the amount.

We hope that all these advantages will help you. From our experience we recommend, in almost all cases, to establish a 3-month exclusive for the real estate agency to have the property.

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