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Monday, April 26, 2021
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4 advantages of selling your property exclusively with a real estate agency

Owners who want to put their home up for sale contact Safire Real Estate. Because the owners who want to sell know that the exclusive sale is the best option to sell your house or apartment efficiently and quickly. If you still have doubts, we recommend you read our four advantages of selling your property exclusively with Safire.

If you want to sell your property, you should know that above all, in Spain the process of buying a property is directed by the real estate professional. Api Agent or certified Realtor, is the sales specialist, knowledgeable about the real estate market and its fluctuations. He is also the professional who has the necessary tools and technology to achieve your sale in the best possible time. Given this, you have two options: either continue trying to sell your property or learn about the main advantages that will lead you to contact a Realtor Safire Real Estate agent.

When it comes to selling their home, many homeowners choose to contact all the real estate agencies in their area, believing that this will speed up the process and get the highest sales price. Most of the time the owner ends up directing the visits and negotiations… Or even worse, he gets tired of the process and gives up. So… What is the use of contacting a real estate professional? To put ourselves in a situation, we tell you the story of Paula.

Paula is a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of experience. She has her own practice and reputation. And her work days are very difficult to reconcile with her personal and family life. Because she is a recognized psychologist, a professional in which her patients have full confidence.

Paula, like many of us, recently decided to offer a dinner to her family to celebrate her daughter's birthday. She had been reading cookbooks for two months thinking about the great dish that she could prepare for them. And after viewing a thousand profiles and recipes from instagramers, she decided to put herself in the kitchen. Did she get it? Let's say yes, although she is not going to repeat the experience. Paula now knows that next time she will order dinner from the real experts, a catering company. Because what she really wants is to enjoy her daughter and her dinner.

Paula's story teaches us the key to the problem: and it is that despite the fact that we cannot be the best at everything, we continue to think that the experience and knowledge of a professional are not paid for. That only the final product is paid. And that is a big mistake. Learning to delegate is vital to find the quality we are looking for.

And returning to your home... What are the advantages of selling your property exclusively with a single real estate agency?

At Safire Real Estate we have summarized the most important points offered by working exclusively with a professional in the real estate sector. Let's see what are the 4 advantages of selling your property exclusively!

1. Bond of Trust with your real estate agent.

When we deal with just one real estate agency, much greater trust is established than trying to work with several real estate agencies at the same time. A professional real estate agent generates a unique professional relationship with the seller, based on involvement and direct contact, facilitating communication and speed in decision-making.

2. Optimization of sales objectives.

The real estate agency that works exclusively with your property makes its strategic sales plan available to you. Customizing the actions and market studies necessary to achieve perfect visibility of your property. The real estate agent can thus focus on their sales objectives, avoiding duplication of information, cross negotiations and other practices that end up distressing the owner.

3. Efficiency in customer service.

By having close contact with the owner of the home, the real estate agent who works exclusively knows that his efforts are unique and that he can communicate and improve them with his client at all times. Personalized attention for an exclusive estate!

4. Greater visibility of your property.

The digital world applied to the real estate market has a specific technology that must be exploited 100%. And advertising an exclusive estate always provides a higher degree of visibility than the competition. Working with Safire Real Estate, these marketing actions are also multiplied, since we make the necessary real estate marketing actions available to the client at home, be it on their own website, real estate portals, social networks, strategies for attracting potential clients and much more!

Paula knows it. A professional brings you precisely differential values such as knowledge, expertise, wise advice and transparency. And that translates into confidence. 

And if we talk about real estate sales, the trust you place in a professional in the sector will be what will make you sleep at night. We recommend working your property exclusively for a certain time so that you can also check the value of our actions. In addition, at Safire Real Estate we carry out the initial valuation of your home completely free of charge so that you can access the best market price at the moment.

Do you want to know more about the Safire Real Estate working method? You can contact us without any commitment, we are waiting for you!