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Friday, April 8, 2022
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Reasons to buy eco-sustainable homes 2. Efficient construction

Sustainable construction, as we have already been counting in other posts, aims to reduce the environmental impact in the construction of new construction homes. It is a new trend in construction techniques that use natural resources and save energy use.

Sustainable construction, as we have already explained in other posts, aims to reduce the environmental impact of new construction housing. In our first post Reasons to buy homes sustainable eco 1. Energy efficiency we were reviewing the impact of energy efficiency in a home and its economic effect in the medium and long term. Now we focus on construction techniques to see how efficient construction is not just using coal for the boiler. It goes much further, and its benefits are as many as you want to have.

Benefits of efficient construction

Efficient construction is a new trend in construction techniques that use natural resources and save energy use. As we always say, with efficient construction, not only the owner who buys the house wins, but the whole of society wins. And it is a trend that is fully promoted by the new community policies on eco-sustainability. We will tell you why efficient construction is one of the main reasons for acquiring eco-sustainable homes.

Thus, it is natural to think that to build a sustainable home, eco-sustainable techniques and materials are required, as well as the use of renewable energies to minimize the environmental impact of buildings on their surroundings. But how do you manage to be more echo? The truth is that sustainable architecture is new, but in the history of new construction it means that it has its origins in the 80s, which is when the first construction of passive houses began... Total, only about 40 years. .. Little right? ;)

First of all, the architectural construction project

When a person wants to acquire a Newly built house, start with the location where it is going to be built. But if we want an eco-sustainable home, this is even more important.

If what we want is to build a sustainable home, we must now look for a piece of land that incorporates an ecological construction project. The reason is that in sustainable construction projects, using and enhancing the geomorphological resources of the land is a priority. 

Land for efficient construction

A piece of land has different characteristics that are used in the project initial construction: from its unevenness, orientation, shape and layers, to the geological and natural study of the environment.

Ecological homes are not only built in suitable areas, but also the environment is suitable to achieve the maximum benefit from their consumption and quality of life objectives.

The construction land is also analyzable in its substrates, since when implementing natural ventilation and heating systems such as geothermal energy, its real possibilities must be verified beforehand to be really sure of its benefit. A study that in Safire our architects are in charge of carrying out. The same goes for the real benefits of the installation and the use of photovoltaic panels and energy installations in general.

Efficient construction systems

In efficient constructions, construction techniques are applied with objectives of efficiency. This means that the bases of economic 0 or so-called almost zero consumption must be prioritized: and it is achieved by applying, on the one hand, reducing the demand for energy or, on the other hand, covering the energy demand with renewable energies.

Among the efficient construction systems, the SATE system stands out, which perfectly illustrates the previous point: This premium insulation system for facades is applied in all the constructions of our construction company. It is a system of multiple aesthetic finishes, with thermal insulation far superior to the usual ones.

With this Sate facade system we avoid 100% energy leaks. And at the same time we allow a correct ventilation of the thermal systems of the house, mainly aerothermal. They reverse this ventilation of the air, turning it 100% efficiently into hot water, air cooling, or heating.

This self-sufficiency is what we call basic energy efficiency, since it is followed by multiple construction systems and sustainable architecture techniques. The power supply connections and the degree of autonomy we want must also be assessed. implement in the home, as well as the most appropriate mechanisms and systems to achieve the complete viability of the construction techniques used.

Architectural projects with environmental commitment

The environmental and socioeconomic impact of efficient construction is evident: not only owners who purchase sustainable homes will gain in savings and reducing your carbon footprint. Society as a whole benefits from this change: the more houses built sustainably, the less polluting the cities as a whole will be. But to build eco-sustainable homes, specific preparation and knowledge is required, only in this way can the objective set be truly achieved. Our team of experts will explain what are the least polluting construction materials and what are the bases of their architectural projects.

Our advice is that if you want to buy an eco-friendly home, sustainable you focus first on the location, the construction materials and the energy efficiency systems that are going to be applied in the construction process. And all this must already be foreseen in the architect's initial project. So what... Let's get to work? Safire Real Estate joins the change and promotes new constructions with a high level of efficiency, with low energy demand and use of renewable sources in architectural projects. Check them out at Promociones.