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Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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The new owners: Self-promotion in the new construction

The new owners are clear: self-promotion in new construction is the cheapest, least stressful and relatively quick way to get the real house of your dreams.

A unique and different house from the neighbor. Yes, that exists. It's called self-promotion, let's see what it consists of and the phases of the construction process.

Self-promotion as we say is based on building and self-financing your own house with your means and management. You avoid expensive processes, paperwork and procedures that will reduce your initial investment, but in return you must learn to manage each phase of the process. 

Especially at the beginning , which is why we recommend you have some savings. You will need them for the initial procedures, avoiding delays in the construction of your new construction home.

Self-promotion on urban land: how to choose the ideal plot

Let's start with the acquisition of the land once now we have found the ideal plot for the construction of our home. Also the notary and registration expenses of this land: Make sure and ask your architect that the location, orientation and official classification of the land are adequate. After reviewing the Property Registry, the land is purchased and the new deed is registered in the Registry.

At this point it is usually advisable to carry out a geotechnical study and a topographic survey, since the architect in charge of the initial project will need them as you will see later.

The new construction project for your home: the initial project for the building permit

The land for self-promotion has been chosen and purchased, now is the time to explain the ideas and drawings on the restaurant's paper tablecloths to the professional. Choose the architect that best fits our project and that has a book of related projects. A professional who also has trustworthy quantity surveyors that you can count on in the execution of the work. As well as being up to date on construction and sustainable architecture and make a contract for the contracted service.

The main function of the architect is to carry out the Initial Project to obtain the building permit. Also advice and advice regarding the land, if it has not yet been acquired. The architect is the one who will also create the Final Execution Project. His task will be certified by the visa of the pertinent College of Architects and you will have the assurance that from this point of view, everything is perfectly controlled.

As commented, to him we must provide you with the information related to the urban plot acquired, a possible detailed topographic plan, a geotechnical study among other documents so that you can request the necessary administrative authorizations for the approval of the work permit.

The architect will also be in charge of carrying out the preliminary project in order to begin to budget the real cost of the work in terms of materials, shape, etc. Finally, once the project has been approved by the municipal entity, the architect will carry out and deliver the Work Execution Project.

Building of self-promotion housing

Once the license and projects are approved, we begin the construction site. Here many more protagonists intervene, the time has come to act as a true promoter and not leave any loose ends in terms of contracts, budgets, execution phases, and construction insurance.

In this phase the surveyor or technical architect, in conjunction with the architect, will organize and coordinate the work. He will be the security and health watchman. And even if you are the construction manager (thus disregarding the role and record of the promoter) the truth is that the quality of the execution of the construction will always be the responsibility of the quantity surveyor.

End of your self-promotion work

It is essential that you know exactly what the certificate is end of work, since it is a necessary document when the work is finished to justify that the entire process has been carried out as established in the works permit.

The completion certificate must be signed by the project manager, who is generally the architect, and the project execution manager, who is the technical architect , once all the work has been completed to certify that the work is finished.

The certificate of completion of work is a necessary requirement to obtain the certificate of occupancy and thecertificate of first occupation granted by the town hall where the house is located. Thus, all these documents are essential, because without them you cannot register the supplies for your new construction apartment and, therefore, you cannot enter to live in it. Even so, and despite the fact that it seems like a long process, with many paperwork and stressful, if you play your cards right it is certain that the final reward will exceed the house of your dreams.

If you do not want to give up your dream of being an owner, self-promotion in new construction is your best option right now, especially if you decide on a eco-sustainable home. In addition, you will be able to choose all the details of your home, which will adapt to your tastes and preferences with better qualities than a house made in a chain. Of course, for this you must know a lot and better the process in which we have started you today: how and where to choose the land, architect, procedures and advice... Shall we talk?