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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

What is better to buy a house or a flat?

At Safire Real Estate we know that before a potential buyer contacts a real estate agency… He prefers to suffer. And it's normal... Human beings are a bit stubborn and proud. But starting your home search can sometimes make you forget the most basic questions, one of which is… What is better to buy, a house or an apartment?

We have been in the sector for many years and have experience in all kinds of situations, for that reason today we are going to explain our way of understanding the market and how to act depending on the situation of each buyer.

Before starting your search you should ask yourself the following question: What needs do I have? It is important to know what our budget is, the area where we want to live, the number of rooms, bathrooms ... and an infinite list of characteristics that will be the basis of the process that we will undertake.

It is important to make a list by hand or on the computer where we can write down the following values ​​next to each of the requirements: essential, important, dispensable.

Once we have the list made we must look at the market situation, in the case of the towns, it will be better to buy houses, on the contrary, in the cities it is advisable to have spacious apartments in central areas. They are the options that end up being the most profitable in the long term.

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