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Tuesday, March 1, 2022
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Reasons to buy eco-sustainable homes 1. Energy efficiency

Eco-sustainable homes are the best option if you want to buy a home. One of the main reasons is that they are zero consumption houses. The long-term savings of an eco-sustainable home is much higher than that of other homes. Let's see in this first chapter the number one reason: its energy efficiency.

If you are thinking of buying a home, you will surely have considered the option of an eco-sustainable house. Eco-sustainable homes are relatively recent, so most of this type of construction that you will find will be new construction. And the most appropriate for price and quality of life is to choose one that allows you to choose off-plan, from the distribution to the materials.

The long-term savings of an eco-sustainable home is much higher than that of other homes. Let's see in this first chapter the number one reason: its energy efficiency.

The electricity bill: energy efficiency in the spotlight

We are unfortunately reaching all-time highs and it seems that the rise in the electricity bill will never end. Energy efficiency is not the solution to problems derived from economic interests that affect politics more than citizens. But it can be a decisive factor with which to cope with a situation that does not seem to end, especially in the efficient construction of eco-sustainable homes.

The energy efficiency label is not something new. Neither in electrical appliances nor in homes. The energy efficiency label is the legal certificate that a device or structure provides a more or less high or low level of electricity consumption, according to standardized values and according to more or less detailed studies by the professional in charge of the inspection. And the impact of these values goes from less to more, because the more you consume, the more you pollute, and the more you pay too. You can obtain more information on this link about the energy certificate of a property.

But for a moment, imagine that you lived in a house that, in addition to aesthetic beauty, a large garden, parking... It will provide you with the comfort, security and quality of life that you are looking for in your home. And that this house managed to make you happy in a sustainable and totally controlled way. And with minimal expense. This is what we find in the so-called eco-sustainable homes.

Energy efficiency Is our consumption sustainable?

Providing solutions without being aware of the problem is not the solution. Before singing the thousand wonders of eco-sustainable houses, we must really understand why they are a good investment in life.

We agree that we recycle, we use the bike, we use LEDs and we no longer leave the car stopped with the engine running because "it's only two seconds". We are aware that climate change is pressing, and the bill is oppressive. So, is our consumption really sustainable? The answer is unanimous, no. It is, in fact, unsustainable.

And it is here where we locate the fundamental role of sustainable housing. Because the houses that provide you with sustainable comfort and with a minimum cost exist, solely in a matter of finding the right one for you and for your carbon footprint. Energy efficiency is part of sustainable urban development.

And what are eco-sustainable homes?

Sustainable homes are those homes that to a lesser or greater degree seek minimum consumption, if not zero (yes, a 0 consumption house is possible) both in its design, structure, consumption and construction. A style of design and construction of homes that, in addition, you can complete with ideas and creativity if you continue in line and furnish it with elements created in a sustainable way. Even the very distribution of these elements can make this consumption magically decrease as you can see in our article Reasons to buy eco-sustainable homes 2. Efficient construction right down to the ground has a lot to say in the final result of an eco-efficient home!

Sustainable houses can range from the first passiv haus that appeared in the 80s to the Nordic eco-wooden houses, going through an endless number of styles and designs more or less related to your tastes, such as prefabricated houses.

They are also homes that in general terms seek maximum comfort with minimum consumption. And that is why eco-sustainable homes incorporate low-impact heating, water and electricity systems. The design and construction materials of the "eco" houses, as well as their openings and walls have a clear double objective: energy loss and the constant regeneration of oxygen and warmth of the rooms.

Eco-sustainable or eco-efficient homes are also those that incorporate green areas and minimal maintenance, swimming pools with low-consumption water cleaning systems and lighting, and exterior closures of great resistance and durability. Eco homes, whether they are homes or residential buildings, are made to adapt to you and grow with you. For this reason, they use natural resources in a sustainable way for their self-consumption and durability.

Sustainable architecture for maximum energy efficiency

Nor is the orientation itself on land where to build houses is something new. The use of sunlight to save energy has been a constant throughout history, a debate already started by Socrates himself, father of modern Western knowledge.

At present, architects, with studios like the one we have at Safire Real Estate, are the professionals who are looking for a response to this growing demand from home buyers. And it is that projecting an eco home does not only affect its interior, its construction stages, materials, capital and finishes must be on the table from the first moment. Pursuing energy efficiency and quality of life is a constant stimulus for our team.

And it is here when the design and distribution of the spaces of the house, the construction materials and even the construction itself and finishes, play a fundamental role in the development and success of the construction of a sustainable house.

Sorry, did we say trend? We live in a country in which the residential stock that is the object of real estate transactions does not currently have the optimal energy certificate for sale. State and Community aid for the energy reform is already a fact. The subsidies in the reform of buildings and the installation of photovoltaic panels that act in them as small energy plants in the imminent future that awaits us. It is a matter of reusing natural resources instead of consuming them, something unheard of until now on a global scale at the level of residential construction.

Eco-sustainable residential homes are a highly profitable investment

Thus, eco-efficient houses with zero consumption are not a future, they are a fully real existence. Its price ranges from the normal values of newly built houses and those that are managed from self-promotion, in addition, they are totally open project, finishing qualities are eligible and materials and decoration are free. They are homes that thirty or forty years from now will continue to be eco-efficient and fully adaptable. And lastly, they are also homes located in spaces and land that are in high demand because they are located in spaces with geographical air quality, so if one day you get tired of them, putting them up for sale will not be a problem.

In this sense, at Safire Real Estate we have been developing eco-efficient 0-consumption homes for several years, such as those of the current development of Can Llobet, in the municipality of Girona, isolated homes that also incorporate all the smart house technology combined with photovoltaic panels, whose installation we give to our clients.

Eco-sustainable homes are a highly profitable investment. After several decades of testing, independent initiatives and little government help, sustainable architecture in homes is now presented as the great ally of energy efficiency.

If you are interested in going one step further in your commitment to change and do not rule out the acquisition of an eco-sustainable home, this is your ideal opportunity.