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Organic, Natural or Non-Contaminating Food: Do You Know How to Differentiate Them?

Food, livestock and agriculture play a significant role in the environmental impact of our planet. Especially in terms of carbon emissions, water extraction and land use. In this article, we will explore the definitions of organic, natural and non-polluting foods and to understand what relationship they have with our daily lives and our health and some ideas to improve it. An interesting and enlightening article… Go ahead?


Slow Life Cooking in Autumn: 5 sustainable and simple recipes

Discover the charm of autumn through slow life cooking with 5 sustainable and simple recipes, well known from our Mediterranean diet. Apply a slight environmental contribution with local or home-grown ingredients, enjoy delicious dishes, save water and learn the benefits these recipes have for the planet and your well-being.


Trend: Sustainable decoration ideas that provide light

Discover how decoration styles such as Boho Chic, Nordic and Minimalism can make your apartment stand out in the market. Save money by beautifying your property and attracting potential buyers by providing extra light and sustainability.


Luxury Investments: Reasons to Choose a Country House in the Costa Brava

Luxury Investments: Reasons to Choose a Country House in the Costa Brava. Discover why investing in a country house in the Costa Brava is a solid and attractive decision. Explore the historical heritage, luxury tourism, sustainability, and investment diversification in this unique region of Spain. We'll tell you all about it!


Take advantage of the summer to be more sustainable

El verano es la temporada ideal para adoptar prácticas sostenibles y cuidar del medio ambiente. Aprovecha el verano para ser más sostenible: Descubre cómo disfrutar del verano de manera sostenible y equilibrada con Safire!


How to create a sustainable and economical garden at home

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, patio or terrace in your new home, you know that spring is an excellent opportunity to redesign your outdoor spaces. But do you know how to create a sustainable and economical garden? We tell you what are the 4 fundamental elements to create your sustainable garden and how to make the most of them for your well-being, health and economy!


Slow life: Make the most out of your sustainable home

Do you know the benefits of slow life and how it combines with the spaces of a sustainable home? Get the perfect mix to restore health to your body and mind. The rule is simple: ecological, simple, effective. In this article, we will explain how to make the most of your sustainable architecture home with this "new" way of life.