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Trend: Sustainable decoration ideas that provide light

Discover how decoration styles such as Boho Chic, Nordic and Minimalism can make your apartment stand out in the market. Save money by beautifying your property and attracting potential buyers by providing extra light and sustainability.


How to sell your property: 4 Tips to stand out in the real estate market

Very useful if your house for sale is your first residence, or if you already live in another house and want to sell a completely empty house or apartment, or reform or adapt it to make it more accessible. Neuromarketing, ergonomics, some home staging tips and some other tricks will be of great help to multiply your possibilities on each visit, a mix of very successful and super-effective ideas that we have created especially for you.


4 Tips to Maximize Your Ecological Home: Sustainable New Construction Construction

Do you want to get the most out of your eco home? Don't you know if a sustainable construction house is a good purchase option? In this article we are going to focus on the sustainable construction of new construction houses, we explain what they are, why they are important and the best: we advise you on how to maximize their benefits so that you can enjoy them 100% while taking care of the planet!


What is the data discrepancy with the Cadastre and how to solve it

Have you made changes to your property in Spain and have not notified the Cadastre? You could have problems with your taxes and worse, problems when selling your property. We tell you what the data discrepancy with the Cadastre is and how to solve it!


Do you have the energy certificate for your property in Spain?

Do you have the energy certificate for your property? The energy certificate is mandatory for the sale of your house in Spain: We explain what the energy certificate is, what it is for and how to obtain it, because the electricity bill is less, and you earn, and more, selling your home.


8 tips for selling your second-hand apartment

In the town, in the city, if you want to sell your second-hand apartment, you must perform a thorough cleaning. Take advantage of the best and embellish the worst because defects are always opportunities for improvement. Your property can be sold, but before you appraise it, before you even think about your buyer, you must know what and how to improve it in order to put your apartment up for sale.


What is home staging and its importance in real estate buying and selling

Adapting your home to put it up for sale (whether you live in it or not) is not just about making it pretty and cleaning the windows. In the first ninety seconds of your visit, the potential buyer already has a more or less final decision about his act: either he doesn't like it or he is interested in continuing to see it. You can change that, but for this you must first be aware of what home staging is and its importance in real estate buying and selling.


How to improve the initial assessment of your home?

Do you want to revalue your property to be able to sell it better? We explain what a real estate valuation is. Discover what factors can help you improve the initial valuation of your home and manage to put it up for sale at the right price for your potential buyers.


What is architecture for sustainable housing?

The numbers don't lie. Sustainable housing architecture is still far from achieving change. And this, despite the fact that the construction sector is one of the most polluting in the world, reaching values of 50% of the total in CO₂ emissions and urban pollution, whether due to construction, housing, work or studies. But... What is the so-called sustainable home and how do you manage to have an eco-friendly home?