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New, old or renovation house: How to get a more efficient home?

New, old or renovation house: How to get a more efficient home? There are new heating and ventilation systems for homes that are gradually penetrating the Spanish residential market for new construction homes. But these homes are not the only ones that can benefit from better energy efficiency at home. Discover how old homes, for renovation and also those of new construction can relatively simply include systems such as aerothermal, geothermal and other renewable energy sources.


Euribor and its relationship with your Variable Mortgage

How does the Euribor affect the owner and what can be done to improve the conditions of the mortgage? 90% of home buyers in Spain opt for variable rate contracts, calculated annually at a margin plus Euribor increases. If the Euribor rises, your variable rate mortgage does too. Shall we tell you?


Complete Guide for Buying and Selling Properties in Spain

In this article we provide you with a complete and updated guide for residential sales by individuals, highlighting the financial, documentary and professional aspects that you should take into account whether you are a selling owner or a future buying owner.


Investing in a Country House with Land: What It Is and How to Make the Most of It

In addition to beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava we can find beautiful rustic properties for investment or residence. If it is a country house, the purchase becomes a unique real estate investment, since in addition to the beauty of its construction, it is usually accompanied by extensions of rustic land, such as farmland or forests. An ideal investment to see your project grow in a sustainable way in a unique environment.


Trend: Sustainable decoration ideas that provide light

Discover how decoration styles such as Boho Chic, Nordic and Minimalism can make your apartment stand out in the market. Save money by beautifying your property and attracting potential buyers by providing extra light and sustainability.


Luxury Investments: Reasons to Choose a Country House in the Costa Brava

Luxury Investments: Reasons to Choose a Country House in the Costa Brava. Discover why investing in a country house in the Costa Brava is a solid and attractive decision. Explore the historical heritage, luxury tourism, sustainability, and investment diversification in this unique region of Spain. We'll tell you all about it!


The New Law for the Right to Housing: everything you REALLY need to know

The New Law for the Right to Housing brings with it significant changes that are worth knowing and analyzing. In this article, our objective is to provide you with an objective and complete vision of the changes, advances and new value criteria that this law introduces and the problem of access to housing.


How to sell your property: 4 Tips to stand out in the real estate market

Very useful if your house for sale is your first residence, or if you already live in another house and want to sell a completely empty house or apartment, or reform or adapt it to make it more accessible. Neuromarketing, ergonomics, some home staging tips and some other tricks will be of great help to multiply your possibilities on each visit, a mix of very successful and super-effective ideas that we have created especially for you.


Buying a home in Spain if you are a foreigner: what you should know

To buy a home in Spain if you are a foreigner, the process does not have to be complicated if you have the right advice and time. In this article we tell you what you should know when buying a home and what procedures must be carried out if you do not reside in this country.


What is the data discrepancy with the Cadastre and how to solve it

Have you made changes to your property in Spain and have not notified the Cadastre? You could have problems with your taxes and worse, problems when selling your property. We tell you what the data discrepancy with the Cadastre is and how to solve it!


How does the process of buying a property in Spain?

Are you a foreigner or non-resident and want to buy a house in Spain? Are you worried about not knowing how the sale works in this country? Do you need qualified reference personnel to trust and can't find anyone? At Safire Real Estate, Sira Certified Realtors, we explain how the process of buying and selling a property is carried out in Spain.


Selling your home in case of separation

Selling your home in case of separation in Spain is almost always the most advisable option after a divorce without children, or if there is a good understanding between the two parties. But you can also find the ideal solution in the so-called condominium extinction. We explain it to you.


Do you have the energy certificate for your property in Spain?

Do you have the energy certificate for your property? The energy certificate is mandatory for the sale of your house in Spain: We explain what the energy certificate is, what it is for and how to obtain it, because the electricity bill is less, and you earn, and more, selling your home.


8 tips for selling your second-hand apartment

In the town, in the city, if you want to sell your second-hand apartment, you must perform a thorough cleaning. Take advantage of the best and embellish the worst because defects are always opportunities for improvement. Your property can be sold, but before you appraise it, before you even think about your buyer, you must know what and how to improve it in order to put your apartment up for sale.